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Explorers Lifelong Learning Institute 2021 Summer Intercession Speakers Series


Wed 07 / 28 / 2021
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

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Ingredients: The Strange Chemistry of What We Put In Us and On Us - George Zaidan.  In his book, MIT trained chemist, George Zaidan, wrote an engaging and witty examination of the myriad things people ingest, place on their skin, and otherwise come into contact with.  He has a gift for making complicated scientific principles easy to understand.


Coming up in the summer series:
August 4, 2021:  Seniors Helping Seniors - Seaglass Village Peer to Peer Networking
August 11, 2021:  The Evolution of Negro Election Day in 1740 and Its Link to theBlack Picnic at Salem Willows
August 25, 2021:  Protection from Fraud, Scams, and ID Theft

Note that the Intercession planning committee has opened the summer lecture series to the general public, so feel free to tell your friends.  It's a great way to attract new members to Explorers; something they really need during this post-COVID period!  If you cannot attend the meetings in real-time, video recordings will be posted on the website within a few days after the live presentation.